The Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre’s “Clergy Sex Abuse”/ Problem, Part 2

A bit of a pattern is discernible whenever one of these flagrant Vatican child sex ring accessories is replaced by a “fixer.” The fixers tend to be prelates against whom few or no sexual abuse allegations have been made. Often they are talented in areas of finance and development. Sometimes the fixing involves a “Vatican Optics” move. In the aftermath of Cardinal Donald Wuerl’s resignation/removal in Washington, D.C., for example, the relatively clean Wilton Gregory was installed to head the Archdiocese of Washington D.C. (It is likely the in the context of the “clergy sex abuse crisis,” there are no “clean” U.S. Bishops, and that “relatively clean” may be the closest one can get to “clean,” in this.) This was a brilliant Vatican Optics move, not just because Gregory is relatively “clean,” but because Gregory is Black. Gregory was surrounded on all sides, at the installation mass at D.C.’s National Shrine, by men who had shuffled pedophiles and failed to report child rapes. (In his almost unwatchable greeting to the assembled — find it at the 25:20 mark — Donald Wuerl extended salutations to quite a few “clergy sex abuse” culprits. One would never know by Wuerl’s language and tone that both he and his predecessor had not long before been ousted as a result of their willingness to allow hundreds of sex crimes involving children under their care to occur and to go unreported.

Read this piece on Indie Theology. May 19 2020

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She/her. Poet, writer, teacher, hermeneut punk. Author: Glamourous Life, Rain Mountain Press,

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Michele Somerville

Michele Somerville

She/her. Poet, writer, teacher, hermeneut punk. Author: Glamourous Life, Rain Mountain Press,

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